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New Balance recently to design the new building of the minimalist's classic 696 Reengineered, two new models were presented in light gray and dark brown, with the very texture of the calf leather covered, with details on the upper punch a little embellishment, finally carrying signs REVlite sole unit of presentation. new-balance-696-deconstructed-pack.jpg (150.29 KB, download number: 12) download New Balance 696 series Deconstructed 2015-1-3 20:36 upload new-balance-696-deconstructed-pack-1.jpg (69.95 KB, download number: 12) download New Balance 696 series Deconstructed 2015-1-3 20:36 upload new-balance-696-deconstructed-pack-2.jpg (89.55 KB, download number: 12) download New Balance 696 series Deconstructed 2015-1-3 20:36 upload new-balance-696-deconstructed-pack-3.jpg (163.59 KB, download number: 12) downlo cheap jordans online ad New Balance 696 series Deconstructed 2015-1-3 20:36 upload new-balance-696-deconstructed-pack-4.jpg (71.42 KB, download number: 12) download New Balance 696 series Deconstructed 2015-1-3 20:36 upload new-balance-696-deconstructed-pack-5.jpg (79.31 KB, download number: 12) 〈0Nike Basketball in order to pay tribute to the Akron rubber capital of the world, was selected for the LeBron 12 Rubber City launched a blueprint for the design special edition in April, and this is also an occasion for NIKEiD to add custom options. You can choose the color with the rubber block Megafuse remodeling vamp, flanking Posite and Swoosh, interested friends may wish to lock the official platform in July 27th. nikeid-lebron-12-ext.jpg (60.95 KB, download number: 0) download NIKEiD LeBron 12 EXT Rubber City 2015-7-24 21:31 upload Cheap air jordan 12 ovo theme, Nike, metal 00 China's economic transition checkpoints, and at the same time from top to bottom at the same time, from the enterprise, the market endogenous "transformation" momentum and how? Banyuetan reporter recently visited a number of private enterprises in Zhejiang, from the "grassroots tenacity" and "sensitive" for groups to search for answers. years of high-speed development accumulated contradictions, the total outbreak, so that the crisis in Zhejiang private enterprises unprecedented impact. As a warning for the future, is the death of courage, is the first time the "repair" enterprises, fix their own initiative. Conform to the trend, the crisis as "a rare opportunity for forced enterprises to enhance the overall innovation of products, technology, mechanism and system; one step ahead, after leading the t Retro jordans for sale ide of market in the early opening, continue to seek in the transformation and upgrading, seize the high ground of the future of the" first mover advantage". Zhejiang private enterprises as a whole show a new trend, encouraging and enlightening. "banyuetan" in the fifth year, has launched a group of people report, record the crisis in the industry people struggle experience, including the return of some private entrepreneurs and government officials. According to the deep contradictions between the expansion of a new round of restructuring a first-line enterprises "self denial and self promotion" courage and practice, let us see the Chinese from bottom to top in the process of economic transformation through the light of hope. unforgettable memories, early in the country during 2008, NPC and CPPCC, head of the domestic sewin cheap foamposites g machine industry leading leap Group of the National People's Congress Qiu Jibao has obviously felt the multiple pressures inside and outside enterprises: macro-control, raw material prices, labor costs increase etc.. But in a meeting with reporters still keep cool he never imagined, half a year after the enterprise into a financial crisis There was no parallel in history. almost at the same time, the outbreak of the international financial crisis also quietly entered China, into Zhejiang, into more private enterprises. now, the banner of the new company and the new starting point is hanging on the outer wall of the factory building of the leap Group, and Qiu Jibao and his company have come out of the shadow of crisis. Together with countless private entrepreneurs in Zhejiang, he has "repaired" businesses while learning to "fix Retro jordans for sale himself" in the crisis. in 2008, especially in the second half, Zhejiang private enterprises cannot bear to think of the past time. One group, Hualian holdings, Ningbo Jianglong three Xin, strong and a number of large-scale private enterprises from the crisis, or shut down, or on the verge of bankruptcy. Surprisingly, some are called "quality enterprises" in the industry, "instant death."". "it feels like waking up in the middle of the night to find the fire and don't know where to run."!" Banyuetan reporters visited Shaoxing earlier this year, the local cadres feel so. today, some researchers, including companies themselves, reflect on the crisis in addition to external factors, but also to see the many intriguing internal causes. In a sense, they are concentrated.)reebok-instapump-fury-road-cc-1.jpg (213.52 KB, downl Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping oad number: 11) download Reebok Instapump Fury Road CC color camouflage 2017-1-5 08:33 upload[Chinese shoes Network - footwear consumption market] January 6, Nike Sports (China) Co., Ltd. Xiamen Customs letter to confirm, the customs seized 2,880 pairs of Nike hook marked with a similar trademark casual shoes for the infringing goods and customs protection of intellectual property rights applications. December 27, Xiamen customs inspection officers at the time of the declaration of export of a number of shoes were found in the inspection, the upper surface is marked with a hook similar to the Nike trademark with suspected infringing. The off immediately contact the relevant rights holders to confirm the final confirmation of the declared value of $ 21,600 batch casual shoes indeed infringing goods. Currently, the closing t cheap jordans for sale iming of the case for further processing.[Chinese shoes Network - Brand News] economic slowdown in the decline in demand of the environment, the world's largest sporting goods manufacturer Nike has released financial results, mainly due to growth in overhead costs, 2013 fiscal first-quarter profit the rate of decline. At the same time, foreign media reported that Nike has publicly confirmed that the new orders this crucial Chinese market is decreasing. profit in the quarter ended Aug. 31, Nike net profit of $ 567 million, earnings per share of $ 1.23, the performance is less than a year ago. The first quarter of fiscal year 2012, Nike's net profit was $ 645 million, earnings per share of $ 1.36. Its gross margin was 43.5%, down from 44.3 percent a year earlier, down for the seventh consecutive quarter. Nike side, said first-quar Cheap air jordans for sale ter growth in input costs, offset by price increases and cost-cutting measures benefits. Many analysts said the key to Nike's marketing expenses mainly due to an increase in product innovation programs, as well as the Olympic Games and the European Championships provides support, while the volatility of the global economy but also to increase its cost a lot of pressure. In the first quarter, Nike's overhead costs would increase by 18%. At the same time, growth in China, the slowdown in key markets also gave a lot of pressure Nike. Nike's first-quarter revenue in Greater China was $ 572 million, an increase of 8%, are not included in the impact of exchange rate changes is an increase of 7 percent, slower than last year. said foreign media reports, Nike says, Greater China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong SAR) New orders fell b cheap jordans for sale mens y 5%, all retailers in China are faced with slower economic growth, the problem of excess inventory, consumers become more savvy. The Chinese market is of great significance for Nike. 2012 fiscal year, Nike's sales in China totaled $ 2.5 billion, accounting for the proportion of total sales of more than 10%. An investment bank estimated that the Chinese market, Nike contributed 30% of operating profit. However, in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2012, Nike had already appeared in the Chinese market sales decline, Nike Greater China region including footwear, clothing and accessories, including the total product sales of $ 667 million, compared to the third quarter fell by 3.89 percent. Morgan Stanley report shows that the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2012, Nike's global future orders growth decelerated from 18% to 12%, China's o cheap jordan shoes for men rders rose significantly reduced from 20% to 2%. Nike stock has begun to grow over the same period. As of the end of May 2012, the stock amounted to $ 3.35 billion, and $ 2.715 billion compared to last year, an increase of 23.39%. For the main distributor Belle International and Pou Sheng International two Nike Greater China, the inventory pressure has also increased. Pou Sheng International interim report shows that its inventory to $ 554 million already, up 37.16 percent. Belle International also said in the report, the first half of this year, overall inventory levels within the channel side, discount efforts to increase from a year earlier, gross profit margins being squeezed. Shanghai who studies in a university sports brand management scholars told reporters, Nike problem in China there is a direct cause, is its agent is very strong, so low that getting goods discount Nike's profit squeeze. "Currently, Nike is increasing the power of China's factory shop and shop areas, in order to reduce inventory." Nike executives also said it would work together with retailers to clear inventory, improve distribution through the Nike store, and the adjustment of product design, "reset" according to the tastes of Chinese consumers in China market. Comparison another giant global sports brand Adidas, also suffered in 2008 after the product backlog ordeal that 2009 net profit was down 95%. However, Adidas and dealer inventory itself carried out a detailed inventory and boldly proposed renewal with junk goods. When your dealer inventories to a certain amount, the company to give a certain amount of compensation, and allow dealers to open discount stores. Today, Adidas China has reached 7,000 stores, reported a quarterly net profit this year, Adidas grew 38%, revenue growth of 14%. Where the Chinese market sales of 385 million euros, an increase of 26%, the proportion of total global sales for the first time more than 10%. Western Europe, North America and other Asian countries, Latin America sales growth was 7%, 11%, 26% and 14%. At the same time, local sports brand is also affected by continuing high inventory effects and sluggish economic environment dragged into a "cold." data show that in the first half in addition to revenues rose slightly Xtep, Anta fell 11.6%, 361 & deg; down 10%, down 28.5% Peak, China Dongxiang fell 29.4%, while net profit fell more than eighty percent Ning. sharp drop in performance, are closely related to the huge inventory. Just Jiarulining Group's Kim Jin Jun openly acknowledged, inadequate clean-up of inventory in the first half efforts still need to focus on the future cash clearance. Another situation can be seen from the first quarter of 2013 orders will have been published about Anta order amount reduced by 20% to 30%, Xtep also reduced by 15% to 20%, the amount of clothing orders are also low number Pick decline. An industry watchers on the "First Financial Daily" said that this international brand Nike or partial optimism in the future development of China, "because its main market after more than a second-tier cities, once its channel to By doing, in turn is a new growth. "According to the sources, Nike has introduced some products to try to expand the Chinese market three or four lines. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)